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Celebrities who have used hypnotherapy

Posted on November 25, 2019 at 10:00 AM
here are celebrities who have used hypnotherapy too. They are as prone as we are to bad habits – perhaps even more so, with all the temptations that a celebrity life lays out before them. One of the most mundane habits that addicts many celebrities addicts many of us as well, and that is smoking.
Celebrities can turn to all kinds of expensive programs to help them stop smoking, but the one that many have found most effective is well within reach of most ‘regular’ people – and that is hypnotherapy.
Hypnotherapy is so effective that most people can stop smoking without side effects after a single session. Some of the celebrities who admit to using hypnotherapy to break their smoking habit are:
Matt Damon, whohas spoken openly of his use of hypnotherapy to overcome his smoking habit – and said on the Jay Leno show that he should have done it years ago!
Ben Affleck, who has more in common with Matt Damon than working together on movies – he too has used hypnotherapy to stop smoking. He spoke about it on the Oprah Winfrey show, saying that he was inspired by the imminent birth of his first child to finally decide to stop smoking. He says that he hasn’t smoked since and feels much healthier for it.
Drew Barrymore, who started smoking at the age of about ten and smoked two or three packs a day before hypnotherapy helped her stop.
Ellen DeGeneres, whowas hypnotised on her own TV show by celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna in an attempt to stop smoking. This was instantly successful, to Ellen’s delight. She said Paul had probably saved her life.
Aaron Eckhart, who used hypnosis to break both his drinking and smoking habits and says he now lives a very healthy lifestyle.
Billy Joel, who tried to give up smoking for many years without success. Hypnotherapy finally helped him stop in a single session.
Other celebrities who are said to have used hypnotherapy to stop smoking include Britney Spears, Samuel L Jackson and Charlize Theron. There are certain to be many more – many celebrities don’t admit to having the habit in the first place and most hypnotherapists keep their client list confidential, particularly if it includes celebrities.
As these celebrities have found, a combination of a committed client and a qualified hypnotherapist is one of the most effective and least painful ways to stop smoking.

Credits to Charles Whitaker

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