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Hypnotherapy For Change 

Online Hypnotherapy 

Online hypnotherapy is conducted in the same way as face to face therapy except that we will be talking face to face through our computer screens or phones rather than meeting in person.

All you will need to ensure is that you have a good internet connection and that you have somewhere quiet, private, safe  and comfortable where you will not be interrupted.

There are many benefits to online therapy including –

I am able to work with clients from anywhere in the U.K. or even the world

There is no need for you to spend time or money on travelling to and from therapy

In the winter, there is no need to leave your warm home and venture out

Sessions can be fitted into your own schedule easier

If appropriate you can have therapy from anywhere, even your own place of work

You may feel more relaxed and comfortable working from the safety of your own home – which can only have a positive effect on the outcome of your therapy.

A common question often raised is about effectiveness – do you get the same positive results as you do from face to face hypnotherapy?

Yes absolutely, there is no difference in the effectiveness of online therapy.